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Real Estate Assisted

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page and voice mail)

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Competition for inventory is increasing.
Know immediately when a property goes off the market.

Are you busy getting ready to prospect, but seldom make "the call"?
Want to build your prospecting habits, get started early & avoid excuses?


On Average Over a 12 month period:
31% of the listings in your market will Expire
13% are active listings o­n any given day
56% are sold or pending

As your Leads Research Assistant: 
We pull expired listings every morning
We remove re-listed sellers and agent phone numbers
When we can find them, we add missing data such as: Seller name, phone number, property intelligence (including non-owner occupant contact info)
We flag all phone numbers that are on the Federal Do-Not-Call-List
We deliver your expireds by 8:00 a.m  daily  via email attachment
We have various formats so that if you have telemarketing / contact management software or you want to create custom letters you can import our expireds directly into your programs.
Enhanced Expireds cost o­nly $0.84 to $1.90 per day, depending o­n subscription length and MLS selected. You can have all our formats for the same low price.

NO FELONY for giving us your secret mls PIN number because our owners are members of your MLS and use their own access to do research.  We o­nly need your MLS Public ID/Login Name to confirm that you are a paying member of your MLS.

NO o­ne time setup fees.

Keep all your data if you stop our service.

hire us to be your Leads Research Assistant!!

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