High Service Quality
Driven by the Superiority of Details

Accurately Collected Listings
Accurately Collected Listings
Easily keep track of prospects with re-listed sellers removed from your leads
Complete Contact Information
Complete Contact Information
Reach more prospects by getting the missing contact details: names, mailing addresses, and phones
FDNC List Cross-Checking
Stay alert for sellers on the FDNC list which are automatically flagged by our system
Full Software Package
Automated System with zero learning curve
Enjoy effortless lead management. Get automatic updates on listing statuses every day with our FREE Activity Management Cloud™
On-time Data Delivery
On-time Report
Every morning before 6 a.m. receive a fresh list of leads ready to be immediately put to work
Market Lowest Price
Lowest Price
with Free Add-Ons
Choose REAP and get all the data and tools you need for productive work at an affordable price
Excellent Customer Experience
Excellent Customer Experience
Select the most suitable data format for displaying your listings and enjoy the intuitive use of our tools
Customizable Subscription
Customizable Subscription
Configure the subscription to receive data that perfectly matches the needs of your real estate business

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Have you always dreamt about decreasing your workload, while earning a higher income? REAP makes your dream come true. Subscribe to our services now to immediately increase your productivity and foster profitable growth.
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Expired Listings

Manual collection of expired listings and sellers' contact information is a very tedious and low-paying job. Avoid wasting time by partnering with REAP to provide you with seller contact information from across the Internet and our proprietary databases. Get your daily leads every night. With our services you will reach prospects quicker than your competitors, rapidly increasing the revenues of your real estate business.
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FSBO Leads

New FSBO advertisements are hard to locate and keep track of. Your subscription to REAP services eliminates the need to spend hours, scouring the Internet and local newspapers. Every day you get a list of fresh FSBO leads that contain all the available seller contact information. Take advantage of REAP leads to reach more property owners in less time, build effective sales strategies and increase your income.
Activity management cloud™
All in one system with zero learning curve for prospecting and lead development
REAP Activity Management Cloud™
Our free system for effective real estate prospecting and lead generation offers users an intuitive interface, simple navigation, and zero learning curve. Based on the latest technologies, REAP Activity Management Cloud™ incorporates a rich set of functionalities that automate the implementation of administration, communication, prospecting, and sales tasks. The use of our platform enables real estate agents to gain full control over their relationships with prospects and clients, closing more deals than ever before.
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What Our Clients Say
Victor Vasu, First Team Estates
Closed 143 properties in the last 12 months.
Expireds are about 30% of my sales and I've sold over 800 Expireds in my career. Although I have used the competition, I like REAP because it saves me time, increases my productivity and makes me more money. REAP has been a great investment and, over the last 14 years, has helped me maintain my production year after year.
Jon Smith, Re/Max
Closed 35 properties in the last 12 months.
Expireds are a major source of leads and sales for my business. The format of the prospect list contains all the info I need to talk to sellers knowledgeably and, should I need more info, I can get it at the click of a button. REAP even has a system that provides my custom lists of "old expireds" to me daily. And you can't beat the price.
Peggy Wu, Century 21
Joined real estate 7 months ago. Closed 5 sales and has 6 listings.
I'm just starting out and building my business. REAP makes it easy to get to my daily prospecting calls which are waiting for me on my laptop computer before I get up in the morning.