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Activity Management Cloud FAQ

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Q: How do I change the caller ID or my AMC system phone number to a custom one? For example, if I want a specific phone number or if I want caller ID to read ‘JOHN SMITH’?
A: By default, every user is assigned a phone number in their local phone area code which has a Caller ID set to the user's first and last name. If you want a different phone number or a different caller ID, please contact our support team at the button above.

Q: How do I check Voicemail messages on missed calls when I am not logged into the AMC?
A: All voicemail messages are sent to users via email. All you need to do is just listen to the attached recordings.

Q: Do other agents see my notes and data?
A: No, only you can see your notes and data. Additionally, any call statistics, custom scripts and all other activities that you do on the AMC can only be seen by you (remember not to share your user name and password).

Q: How can I find out what my assigned AMC system phone number is?
A: Please contact our support team at the button below. Soon we will automatically show your phone number and caller ID to you in header area of the AMC.

Q: Can I filter the listings by report creation date, current listing status, last listing price, REAP region, zip code or property type so I can have a more tailored list to call on?
A: This is a priority project, and we hope to have this ability available soon.

Q: How do I tell the current and previous listing status of each listing?
A: All statuses and all the key listing information is shown right below the seller's name and phone number located towards the top of the page.


Q: Where are my notes saved?
A: While calling, if someone answers the phone the AMC will show you a place to take notes. Additionally, if you open a person on the "Completed Call Listings" then your notes will show on the starting page and while you make the call.

Q: Where would the new contact information go that I received from our customers/prospects during the call? For example, when they have a different cell phone or email address for us to use when I contact them again.
A: For now, the new information can be saved in your Notes while you are on the call. This is a priority project, and soon you will be able to update all the owner contact fields in the listing.


Q: How do I do reminders for myself to do prospect follow ups?
A: The call script allows you to set a follow-up date and time. In this case the current activity will be automatically marked as completed, and the new activity will be created and enabled at the set date and time. These reminders can be found in the "Completed Call Listings" section.


Q: How does the System tell that I already called these people? Where can I see that?
A: If no calls have been made on a follow-up activity, it has a status of "New". If a call has been made for a follow-up activity, it has a status of ‘In Progress’, and it will stay ‘In Progress’ until its call script is completed. As soon as the call script is completed, the activity is marked as "Completed". However, even for a "Completed" activity you are still able to make calls to this prospect.

Q: How can I send a contact to an associate when I need to ask them to research more details about the property or the owner? How can my associate get that information?
A: Copy the URL from the address bar and email it from your personal email outside of the AMC system. You’ll also need to provide your REAP username and password to them, so please be careful of who you give access to. Currently, AMC is a single user system, but at some point we will have a team version available.


Q: Can I print?
A: The web pages can be printed using standard browser printing functionality. Typically, the print icon in your browser is in the tool bar at the top of your window.

Q: How do I change/customize my scripts?
A: By default, the system has out-of-the-box call scripts. If you need to modify your scripts, please contact our support team at the button below. We currently have built a "Process Editor" that allows us to edit scripts and call flows, but we feel that it has a big learning curve and it is not intuitive like the rest of the AMC system. When we figure out how to make call flows and scripts easy to create and edit we will let you know.

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