if reap can make calling expireds listings
simple, fast and cheap ... would you call them?

The Problem

Getting access to MLS listings is a simple task. But when it comes to Expired listings, locating the missing contact details for sellers is a very time-consuming activity.

Listing agents typically remove the seller’s phone number and other details when their listing agreement expires or is cancelled.

But sellers with an Expired Listing are still qualified leads with a need to sell, so real estate agents spend hours searching for accurate contact information.

sold or pending
On Average, over a 12 month period, from the total number of listings in your market
The Solution

Stop doing manual labor that can be easily done through your REAP Expired Listings subscription. Let our system perform the job of collecting and sorting the information so that you can fully concentrate on communicating with clients and selling their property.

Know immediately when a property goes off the market by getting a fresh daily list of actionable leads compiled by REAP. Let us supercharge your research so you can call prospects faster than ever and increase your income.

4 Easy Steps
to Maximized Productivity and Profitability


Subscribe to REAP Services

Subscribe to REAP services and join the elite agent community who enjoy easy and efficient Expired Listings prospecting. Choose prospecting regions that align with your sales interests and a subscription plan that conveniently fits your budget.

To receive REAP Expired Leads, an agent must be a member in good standing of any MLS to which he or she wishes to subscribe. After your right to access MLS information is verified at the registration stage, you will be immediately provided with a full range of REAP services designed to supercharge your Expired prospecting.


REAP System Will Generate Expired Leads

Fresh, accurate, and complete information is at the core of REAP services. Over night we pull new Expired listings, carefully removing relisted sellers and agents’ phone numbers. To transform Expired listings into workable leads that can be immediately put to work, we find the missing contact details of prospects and mark those who are on the Federal Do Not Call List.

Our system searches for owners’ critical information across the Internet, top-tier private databases, and through our own extensive records. As a result, REAP provides you with high-quality Expired Leads that contain the prospect’s full name, phone number, and comprehensive property intelligence.


Get a Fresh Package of Expireds Over Night

Seven days a week by 6 a.m. your local time, you will receive a fresh package of REAP Expired Leads. We know how busy real estate agents are, so we make sure our clients always get the information on time.

Expired Leads can be delivered to you through multiple channels, including e-mail, RAD system, or Activity Management Cloud™. All our digital tools come free with your Basic Subscription to help you make the most of your REAP experience and prospecting time. For your convenience we provide Expired Leads in different formats, so that you can easily print the listings or export the data into your own documents and third-party software.


Connect With More Prospects in Less Time

With a fresh package of Expired Leads in your hands every morning, you can start your work day by phoning property owners. Getting in touch with motivated sellers quicker than competitors is a prerequisite for success.

To reach out to more prospects in less time and increase the effectiveness of your sales conversations, take advantage of REAP Activity Management Cloud™. This intuitive, all-in-one system with a zero learning curve enables you to effortlessly manage leads, keep them organized, call prospects using scripts, take notes, and send emails. As Activity Management Cloud™ can be accessed from any device, it is a convenient solution for real estate agents who are always on the go.

Convenience: A Hallmark of REAP Services

REAP does everything possible to make the job of real estate agents easier, faster and cheaper. Despite that the most efficient way to work with Expired leads is using our Activity Management Cloud, sometimes it’s reasonable to use more traditional formats. Our Expired Listings reports are provided in five different formats: 4 listings per page, 1 listing per page, Summary Report, CSV/Excel Format, Mailing Labels.
This is our most popular format for printing. But most of our users choose
FREE Activity Management Cloud as it is a more convenient prospecting tool
Our 1 listing per page format is used by agents that like to print out a single sheet
and then take notes on the rest of it.
This format is for agents that do not need a lot of information
and want to quickly move through their calling.
To Learn more about REAP Expired Services and Reports check FAQ
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REAP’s goal is to help real estate agents to reduce their expenses and free up their time. Staying true to our principles, we offer services at a price that will delight you! No one-time setup fee, no hidden costs, and a simple 30-day cancellation policy plus plenty of free stuff.
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